I love it when people cosplay common characters in a unique way. For one I love that this person chose to cosplay Cloud from Kingdom Hearts considering everyone these days are doing the hotter advent children version. And might I add that it is an amazing cosplay despite this cloud being significantly harder to do. Everything from the spikes in the wig, blue contacts, and rips on the cape were thoroughly thought out and executed beautifully. I’m in love with the armour and the harnesses (which a very big kudos goes out to whoever made them so exceptionally well). I would even wear the gauntlet and the body harness on regular days days out considering how well they were made. Beautiful cosplay and thanks for putting a non-advent Cloud out there for us to enjoy!

In Kingdom Hearts, Cloud appears in the Olympus Coliseum world. He is depicted with a claw and a crimson cape, and the blade of his sword is wrapped in bandages. Nomura has stated that Cloud’s left arm was inspired by Vincent Valentine, noting that, in this game, the character was supposed to illustrate a “demon-like” appearance due to his ties to the “dark side.” He has been hired by Hades to kill Hercules, but must fight Sora as a prerequisite… Cloud appears later in the Coliseum’s battle tournaments. During the credit roll at the end of the game, Cloud is shown reuniting with Aerith and the other residents of Hollow Bastion in the library after Cid has located him and brought him home.” Wikipedia – Cloud Strife


I know this has been featured on Columbia’s CosplayHolic site but I just couldn’t resist. This is Chibiusa’s first sailor seishi form in the Sailor Moon S series (might also be based on the manga). I love this cosplay for so many reasons. For one, it’s once again an infamously poorly cosplayed character done so amazingly well. Everything from the hair details (which I learned can be formed when wrapped around Styrofoam balls), to the pose, to the proportions of the actual costume is impeccable. Even the coloured contacts were chosen well because they don’t look creepy like most red coloured contacts do. My only quails with this cosplay is the apparent lack of tiara but beyond that great job on the cosplay! I just wish I knew who the cosplayer was.

Creator Naoko Takeuchi describes Chibiusa as a precocious brat who likes pulling pranks. She is the daughter of Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba. Her real name is the same as her mother’s, but is called Chibiusa in Japanese (and Rini in English) to avoid confusion between the two. Her name in the English-language version of Sailor Moon, Rini, is a diminutive of “Serena”, the name of her mother. She is known for having pink hair put into a unique style that resembles rabbit ears on top of her head.” – Wikipedia: Chibiusa

Sorry kiddies I’m getting tired of the character summaries and my cosplay comments come up awkwardly short. So from now on you’ll be seeing these wiki-blurbs. Hurray.

I’ve noticed that a lot of my views have been coming from people wanting to look up Beauty and the Beast costumes. I didn’t think I would be blogging on another cosplay of the same character so soon but this cosplay is very much one that I wanted to share. I love all the intricate details and bead work on the dress that makes this belle costume unique from the rest. It’s not cannon, but it’s stunning nonetheless. The yellow is actually more true to the original dress in the movie than my previous post and the model too looks naturally more similar to Belle. The pose and photo-shoot set really accentuate belle’s ethereal qualities as well. Regardless I think both cosplays are equally stunning and definitely favourites in my collection.  I won’t post another summary of Belle’s character because you can just click the link on the sidebar and read it from the first post (plus I’m sure you are all fully aware of who Belle is).

I love when old classic animes are cosplayed (as you can probably tell from my previous features). This one is no exception. I love the playful expression that these two models used to portray the character of the twin leopard sisters from The Vision of Escaflowne. Although in the series it’s revealed that these two lived through a very difficult past, the expression here in a way shows their strength and perseverance. The immense effort put into this cosplay can be seen in the details of the makeup, wigs and contacts as well. There are a couple of things missing like the black tips at the end of the hair tips and the leopard spots on the outer leg but being that this is by far the best cosplay of Naria and Eriya, I’ve decided to let it slide. I don’t want to be too controversial in saying that I also really like how the two models even look as if they are twins (not implying that asians all look the same though). I greatly appreciate the strides made to stay cannon to the series. Excellent work. Definitely one of my favourites!

Vision of Escaflowne was one of those anime gems for me when I was younger.  It was of a seriousness between that of  Pokemon, and the harsh politics of Gundam Wing. I thought it had a very refreshing storyline and a lot of depth to the characters. Naria and Eriya are not exception to this even though they were only secondary antagonists in the series. As alluded to above, Naria and Eriya when still children were bullied almost to suicide after their parents were killed by humans due to the prejudice against their race. The sisters were saved by Folken (before he became evil), and eventually the two fell deeply in love with the young prince.  As a result, they are extremely overprotective of Folken and follow his every command. Interestingly both of them pilot different Guymelefs (sort of like gundams but different) and are extremely skilled in combat. Later on in the series the twins meet a pretty tragic end when they partake in a blood experiment gone wrong and rapidly age until their death in Folken’s arms.


I can’t tell you how excited I was when I found this Alice 19th cosplay. Not only are the costumes beautiful, but the detail that went into the hair, props, and even eye colour were executed flawlessly. It brings me great joy to see people doing a lesser known series such as Alice 19th, especially one that’s arguably very difficult to cosplay. I’m a little biased though since I’ve been a huge fan of Yu Watase’s work ever since I watched Fushigi Yuugi in junior high. Since then I’ve read practically everything else she’s published and I have to say, Alice 19th still remains one of her top series. I highly recommend it since it’s pretty short and the story itself has alot of very interesting concepts and themes. Great cosplay once again!


Alice19th_v6_c1_03_The story of Alice 19th is actually quite compli-cated. It’s basically about a fifteen-year-old girl named Alice who lives in the shadow of her sister Mayura. One day Alice saves a ‘magical’ rabbit from getting hit by a car and is told that she is destined to be a ‘Lotis master’ who can use the power of words and communication to affect people and her surroundings. This power however, goes awry when after fighting with her sister over a boy named Kyo, Alice wishes for Mayura to disappear. This wish comes true and then Alice, with her new-found powers, goes on a mission to retrieve her sister from the darkness of her own desires. Along the way you meet the character on the left named Frey Weilhausen who helps guide Alice and Kyo through their journey as destined Lotis Masters.

nana-reiraI’m still waiting for the newest NANA chapter to come out although it seems that the series is currently on hiatus until further notice. I’ve been curbing my NANA cravings by watching the MVs for the soundtrack openings and credits on youtube. If you haven’t checked out the NANA soundtrack from both the movie and the anime then I suggest you do so. In any case, this is another NANA feature. I noticed that alot of people were visting my site to look up cosplay on this series and I was happy to put up another one. I really love this cosplay. NANA isn’t particularily hard to put the manga outfits together so it’s really the expression and fine details that make certain NANA cosplays stand apart. The person who did this Reira really got the hair spot on. The childlike beauty of Reira is also portrayed perfectly by this stunning model. I really like the not-so-mainstream mangas and anime’s sometimes because people really put that extra effort into cosplaying them. Excellent work to the model and/or cosplay designer!

Reira is the beautiful lead singer of the immensly popular band Trapnest. She is half-American and half-Japanese and writes the lyrics for all of the band’s songs. Although she is naive, stubborn, and overly dependent on others, her qualities are made up for by her pure vocals and angelic beauty. Although Reira’s intent is never to hurt people, she does so through her spoiled and naive requests and pampering received by fellow bandmates. This, coupled with her almost excessive indecisive-ness, leads to a number of problems and misunderstandings throughout the series between her bandmates and the two main characters.


digimon-taichiI love finding cosplays of my favourite classic animes. I remember running home from elementary school just to catch the Pokemon, Digimon, DBZ line-up at 4pm. Of course, this was back in the day when I wasn’t aware that these shows were originally in Japanese. That’s mainly why I added both the Japanese and English names which most people who grew up in North America are more familiar with. In any case this is, by far, the best Tai cosplay I’ve ever seen. The hair just blows me away. I wonder how much hair product she had to use to make it like that. The goggles look very high tech and the shirt looks like it’s of a good quality material. I guess it makes sense considering Tai wears this for the entire first season (like most anime characters… but I’m just saying). Great work!

Taichi Kamiya, or moreso belovedly known as Tai, is the main protagonist of the original Digimon series. He is short tempered, proud, loud, and the natural leader of the “digi-gang”. Tai’s digimon, Agumon, is also arguably the strongest of the rookie digimon forms and the only digimon to skip into his ultimate form, SkullGreymon, further in the series. Fortunately, Agumon is opposite to Tai in many ways and almost acts as a subconscious that keeps Tai in line. Throughout the series Tai struggles with alot of issues towards his leadership position, girls (mainly Sora), his own pride, and also towards his family much later in the series. He shares many parallels with his best friend and rival Matt who, like him, takes on the responsibility of having a “Digidestined” younger sibling. Tai, although annoying at times, becomes a responsible, brave, and amazing leader.



I tend to find that FFX and X2 cosplays are a bit overwhelming. Partially because everyone, and I mean everyone, cosplays Final Fantasy and also partially because it’s one of the top ‘makeshift’ cosplays that people are bound to scew up or half-ass. Therefore I’ll be featuring all of the really unique and different FFX2 cosplays well before I feature the classic outfits of FFX and FFX2. So I hope you enjoy my first FFX(2) feature again proving that indeed you don’t have to be asian to do amazing cosplays. This cosplay is definitely one of my top rated within my collection. The details are insanely accurate from the headpiece, to the fabric print, and to the claws. I don’t know if this was created by the model featured here or by a professional company, but in any case both model and costume are top notch.

berserkerI will be completely honest, I’ve never played any of the Final Fantasy games. I’ve watched over 10 hours of gameplay courtesy of my beloved childhood friend (studying to be a video game character designer) so I know the basic gist of the story. This here is Pain from the FFX2 series in Berserker dress sphere form. Both Yuna and Riku have a version of this very interesting outfit (I have an AMAZING Berserker Riku to feature later on). According to a quick google search, the Berserker feature allows you to have an increased attack power but takes away your control of the character. An interesting trade-off that I’m not sure is entirely worth the trouble. I’d probably just get the dress sphere for looks and not so much use.

ff12-ashe0Kudos to the model and/or cosplay designer for this absolutely stunning Ashe cosplay. I actually have multiple Ashe cosplays saved onto my computer but so far this one is the most accurate in terms of costume and pose (I may or may not feature my other Ashe cosplays because they are also almost equally as stunning). Although I’ve never had the chance to play FF12, I’ve heard very good things about it. The storyline is extremely touching and the CGI is breathtaking. The main character (which is a young orphan boy) is supposidly extremely annoying but aside from him, the storyline as a whole is quite enjoyable.


This here is Ashelia B’nargin Dalmasca (aka Ashe) who is a 19-year-old princess and sole heir to the throne of Dalmasca before it’s take-over following the death of her husband Raslar in the battle against the Archadian empire. It’s approximately 2 years after Raslar’s death that you meet Ashe in gameplay under the alias Amalia and serving as leader of the Resistance.  The love story between Ashe and Raslar is definitely a favourite in my book (almost on par with the FF7 plot). If you get the chance look up the trailers for FF12 which basically show the cinematic intro to the game which includes the bulk of Ashe’s story.

P.S// Looking back into my saved files I believe that I’ll be featuring 2 (or 3) Ashe’s with the same outfit as seen here, and one cosplay of her wedding with Aslar in the near future. Stay tuned!


A cosplay blog is never complete without a Sailor Moon cosplay and what better than an amazing group cosplay. And I’ll be honest. Group cosplay is probably one of the most difficult things to do well. But these three girls pulled it off flawlessly. Not only are the costumes amazingly detailed but the hair, poses and well look in general (because everybody knows SailorMoon is infamous for the not-so-attractive-cosplayers) are spot on. Even their accessories (which aren’t featured in this picture) were beautifully crafted. I wish I had more room to gush about their cosplay but I’ll leave it at this.

Unless you’ve never seen the light of day, you’ve probably heard about Sailor Moon. Basically it’s about a group of girls who receive powers of the planets to defend the earth from the evils trying to take over. The “Outer” sailor scouts (in quotations because Jupiter is oddly an “inner” scout) don’t show up until the Sailor Moon S series. Sailor Neptune (on the right) is a quiet and timid girl who is known for her urethral beauty. Sailor Uranus (on the left) is the tomboy and is the lover of Sailor Neptune (yes there are lesbian connotations here). In the English series however, Neptune and Uranus are portrayed as very close “cousins” to get around the whole young audience issue. Sailor Pluto on the other hand is the gatekeeper of time. She is very graceful and “old-souled”. Although the three are basically a part of the sailor scout gang, they portray very different powers and also often tag along as “outsiders”.


note: The cosplayers are actually the previous Sailor uniforms before the above pictured uniforms were implimented for all the scouts (minus the gold lining). Pluto didn’t have sleeves, the ribons were short, and neptune and uranus didn’t have the semi-transparent sleeves either. Just for consistency sake.

Edit: Thanks to Columbia the webmaster of Cosplay Holic for informing me that these are the uniforms from the musical of Sailor Moon. I confirmed with the original source to make sure it wasn’t the cast of the musical. These are indeed cosplayers who did a top notch job. Thanks again!