In honour of my first male cosplay (which I just realized) I’m featuring the ever popular VK protagonist Zero Kiryu. I think despite the very meticulous uniform and ribbon detail, VK cosplay has been well, overdone. And that said I actually can’t say too much about the uniform that makes this cosplayer any different from the hundreds of Zero cosplayers out there right now. This cosplayer is missing a couple of key features of the outfit though. The red tie isn’ t there and the seal tatoo on his neck seems to be missing (or covered but unlikely). It would have been nice if they had coloured contacts to complete the look as well but  I think the only thing that really got me in love with this cosplay was the hair. I love love love the silver wig this cosplayer used for Zero. It’s not starkingly white, or silver. It also has darker undertones that almost makes it look natural. I think despite all of the very accurate Zero cosplays out there right now, the wig really determines it for me for this guy. So kudos to the model, costume maker, and yes wig provider and styler for a fantastic job (in my books).

I’ve been reading Vampire Knight for almost 4 years now. I’ve been a pretty big fan of Matsuri Hino’s work since MeruPuri and picked up VK before all the crazy hype for the series began. That said, I am a bit disappointed that all the hype has somewhat burdened the storyline by making things drag on for no reason. The once complex and intricate character Zero Kiryu has become an anomaly to me. In the beginnings of the manga Zero is introduced as the brother of the main protagonist Yuki Cross who like Yuki, was taken in by the kind head principal of the Cross academy, Kaein Cross. Zero, although portrayed as a very rigid and cold person on the outside, is actually a gentle, lonely, and tormented boy on in the inside. Throughout the series he finds himself wrestling with inner demons, love, and a fate that changes everything. At the moment I seriously don’t understand what is going through Zero’s head. I’m having a very difficult time sympathizing with him which I find odd since he was one of the easiest characters to sympathize at the beginning of the series. I hope Hino has some ingenius trick or plot twist up her sleeve for Zero, Yuki, and Kaname in the near future. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.