I’ll be honest, I’ve never actually read or watched the entire series MKR. I’m a huge fan of CLAMP and therefore owning the MKR artbook was a must. I love this cosplay for a few reasons. for one, the cosplayer took note of all of the very intricate details (also seen in the group cosplay). From the red contacts, to the pinkish pixie-like hair and the armour. Love the armour. I need to get myself a professional plastics molder because well-made armour is my vice when it comes to finding amazing cosplay. I featured Hikaru but I must commend the group cosplay as well. They even got the height ratios (Hikaru being the shortest) pretty spot on. Well done!

Hikaru Shidou is a fictional character from the anime/manga series Magic Knight Rayearth created by Clamp. She is one of the three protagonists of the series and represents the element of Fire. Hikaru is a short 14-year-old girl with braided red hair with a headstrong, determined, and a somewhat childish personality. She is also very innocent, which is often characterized by cat ears (and in some cases a tail as well) in both versions of the series. Despite these personality traits, Hikaru seems to be the leader between the Magic Knights from her overall enthusiasm in the first arc and strength of heart in the second. Hikaru’s design was actually used in another of Clamp’s works, Angelic Layer, where she became the base design of Misaki Suzuhara’s Angel, who goes by the same name without the surname.

– Wikipedia: Hikaru Shidou

edit: While I was searching for the cosplayer to credit for this feature I realized that I previously featured WindoftheStars in my previous Lina Inverse post. I guess that’s where she got the red colour contacts. In any case both are stellar cosplays. Credit also to DayDreamerNessa for the very lovely Umi (left) and Anti-Ai-Chan for the beautiful Fuu (right).