zelda-zelda2More proof that you don’t have to be asian to do incredible cosplay. This Zelda cosplay was by the beautiful Lillyxandra. Although there’s some detailing missing from the bodice it’s still the best Zelda I’ve seen. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent watching my friend play this game during my childhood. I once sat through a straight 8 hours of game play when¬†he was attempting to save princess Zelda for the 10 thousandth time.¬†Although seemingly weak in the N64 Zelda series, she’s definitely no damsel in distress. She goes under the guise of Sheik in order to help Link on his quest to defeat Ganondorf with the Ocarina of time.

Plus being one of the strongest (if not arguably the strongest) character in the Brawl Super Smash Bros game she is also elegantly beautiful. I’ll be honest, I did find a very VERY close second to this cosplay which yes, does have the detailing and gets the headpiece and hair a little more accurate than this one did, but just the way this cosplayer portrayed Zelda made me believe she was actually meant to play the part. Anyway that’s enough blabbering about Zelda for one day.