The First Post

April 7, 2009

Lo and behold my first word press account. I must say in comparison with other numerous blogging sites I’ve encountered, this one thus far¬†has got to be one of the most sophisticated. It’s here however, that I’m not posting about my life or about my daily haps. Rather this is my little guilty pleasure blog, so to speak, where you’ll see the inner obsessions of a not so typical university student. So sit back, relax and have a cup of tea. You’re in for a fun ride.


I guess first, a little introduction. My Korean name is So Young and my English name is Patricia Ruth. I’m born in Canada and I don’t speak a word of my native language. Although the case, I’ve grown quite fond of the traditions, music, and culture surrounding my Korean heritage over the past few years. I love watching Korean dramas, listening to the latest in popular music, and of course the food. My favourite Korean dish is definitely my mother’s Jja jang myun but I love cold noodles with vegetables (Neng Myun) on a warm summer’s day. True to my heritage, I take pride in a lot of things. I take offense when people attack my roots. I love watching Yuna Kim skate, I love listening to Epik High, and I love¬†watching Korean variety shows like Xmen (although now cancelled) and we got married.


On top of my love for the Korean culture comes my love for the Japanese culture. I was introduced to anime and the world of Japanese manga when I was in grade 7. Since then I’ve read more mangas than I can count and have watched more hours of anime than my life’s worth of studying combined. Although this love of the art has waned over the years I’ve found a new love in cosplay.


Most of all this blog was built to commend what I believe are the greatest cosplays of each series I’ve gathered. There are some (but very few) repeats among my list and usually I’ll only put up my idea of the “best” ones. Of course, I don’t own any of these costumes, characters, or images personally and I’ll admit that since I’ve been gathering these images on my hardrive for the past 3 years I haven’t really gotten around to finding all their sources. So if you find one and you want to be credited for it, by all means contact me and I’ll put it up ASAP.

In any case, enough for the jabbering. And onto the show!