digimon-taichiI love finding cosplays of my favourite classic animes. I remember running home from elementary school just to catch the Pokemon, Digimon, DBZ line-up at 4pm. Of course, this was back in the day when I wasn’t aware that these shows were originally in Japanese. That’s mainly why I added both the Japanese and English names which most people who grew up in North America are more familiar with. In any case this is, by far, the best Tai cosplay I’ve ever seen. The hair just blows me away. I wonder how much hair product she had to use to make it like that. The goggles look very high tech and the shirt looks like it’s of a good quality material. I guess it makes sense considering Tai wears this for the entire first season (like most anime characters… but I’m just saying). Great work!

Taichi Kamiya, or moreso belovedly known as Tai, is the main protagonist of the original Digimon series. He is short tempered, proud, loud, and the natural leader of the “digi-gang”. Tai’s digimon, Agumon, is also arguably the strongest of the rookie digimon forms and the only digimon to skip into his ultimate form, SkullGreymon, further in the series. Fortunately, Agumon is opposite to Tai in many ways and almost acts as a subconscious that keeps Tai in line. Throughout the series Tai struggles with alot of issues towards his leadership position, girls (mainly Sora), his own pride, and also towards his family much later in the series. He shares many parallels with his best friend and rival Matt who, like him, takes on the responsibility of having a “Digidestined” younger sibling. Tai, although annoying at times, becomes a responsible, brave, and amazing leader.