I can’t tell you how excited I was when I found this Alice 19th cosplay. Not only are the costumes beautiful, but the detail that went into the hair, props, and even eye colour were executed flawlessly. It brings me great joy to see people doing a lesser known series such as Alice 19th, especially one that’s arguably very difficult to cosplay. I’m a little biased though since I’ve been a huge fan of Yu Watase’s work ever since I watched Fushigi Yuugi in junior high. Since then I’ve read practically everything else she’s published and I have to say, Alice 19th still remains one of her top series. I highly recommend it since it’s pretty short and the story itself has alot of very interesting concepts and themes. Great cosplay once again!


Alice19th_v6_c1_03_The story of Alice 19th is actually quite compli-cated. It’s basically about a fifteen-year-old girl named Alice who lives in the shadow of her sister Mayura. One day Alice saves a ‘magical’ rabbit from getting hit by a car and is told that she is destined to be a ‘Lotis master’ who can use the power of words and communication to affect people and her surroundings. This power however, goes awry when after fighting with her sister over a boy named Kyo, Alice wishes for Mayura to disappear. This wish comes true and then Alice, with her new-found powers, goes on a mission to retrieve her sister from the darkness of her own desires. Along the way you meet the character on the left named Frey Weilhausen who helps guide Alice and Kyo through their journey as destined Lotis Masters.