I’ll be honest. This could very well be a professional model posing in a wonderfully made Princess Aurora costume but that’s OK. I love this “cosplay” for so many reasons. I love the detail of the white underlining featured in some artistic interpretations of Princess Aurora and the two toned fabric detail at the top. I can’t say for sure (I’m around 80% sure) but this wig is perfectly stylized to Aurora’s whimsical do.  There’s not much else to gush about. Stellar model. Stellar costume. Stellar photography. (Note: if anyone can tell me where this photo can be creditted to please leave me a comment, thanks)

I’m sure you don’t need to be told who Princess Aurora is. She as a character was pretty one-dimensional. If my memory is still intact I can probably say that Aurora’s redeeming qualities were that she was nice, she was pretty, and she sang well. I personally never liked the movie Sleeping Beauty. Although I was a sucker for anything Disney in my childhood Sleeping Beauty actually well… scared me. Malificent’s (SPOILER ALERT) transformation into the dragon gave me nightmares as a child. On top of lack of a complex storyline and old fashioned singing numbers (which I was less inclined to attempt to sing along to) it was a movie I watched maybe once or twice and then never turned to again. There’s a huge part of me that wants to go back into my own Disney vault and rewatch all the Disney classics but I feel like Sleeping Beauty will be pretty low on my list. Still though, I was like any other child and always wanted to be Princess Aurora for Halloween because she was the one who wore the pretty pink dress. So sue me.


The best thing about knowing a cosplayer is knowing a great cosplayer. Dear viewers I’m happy to present one of my friends and awesome cosplayer Manz as Madoka Kaname. This cosplay is awesome. Everything from her hand-made prop to the details in ruffling of her skirt are spot on. I’ve personally known Manz since highschool (which for those who don’t know has been around 6 years now) and have watched her cosplays grow leaps and bounds over the years. I know she puts attention into all the details. My only complaint about this particular cosplay (and I know she tried desperately to find the right ones) are the shoes. They`re wedges and not actually heels which yes, definitely can be overlooked. Other than that Manz has successfully transformed herself into Madoka right out of the anime. Manz hand sews and creates all the costumes and props herself. She and my good friend Jen attend anime conventions and panels on a regular basis. If you guys have any questions on how she creates her cosplays feel free to post a comment below. She’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. And yes, she’ll be heavily featured on my site from now on.

group cosplay featuring Mansien (Manz) as Madoka Kaname and Jen as Mami Tomoe

I personally have heard great things from this anime. Although I’ve never watched it (sacrilege for my site!) I’ve heard that it’s surprisingly mature and definitely worth the watch. Being 13 episodes long I can see it being on my to-watch list in the very near future. “There exist “Messengers of Magic” who have the power to grant one wish to a chosen girl. However, that girl must then become a magical girl and fight against witches, evil creatures born from curses that are responsible for murders and suicides. A schoolgirl named Madoka Kaname and her friend Sayaka Miki are approached by one of those Messengers of Magic named Kyubey and magical girl named Mami Tomoe with offers of becoming magical girls, while another magical girl, Homura Akemi, tries to prevent Madoka and friends from making such a deal… ” – Puella Magi Wiki