Cosplay: Slayers – Lina Inverse

April 9, 2010

When I was in grade 6 before the whole anime craze blew up in North America, I had a half-Japanese friend who used to lend me her anime collection every once in awhile. I became obsessed with Saber Marionettes J, Slayers, and Angelic Layer. So naturally when I started looking up amazing cosplay outfits I gravitated towards my childhood favourites. I was super excited when I stumbled upon this Slayers cosplay. Slayers is definitely my favourite anime out of the three that I used to watch. Although childish and full of fillers, the basis of the plot was borderline genius. I came to love every character in the anime and my favourite anime character of all time (and also favourite voice actor of all time) comes out of Slayers. Moving onto the feature though I must say, this cosplay looks amazing. I especially love the red contacts with the red wig. I also love the belt and shoulder armour. My sister once made a Lina cosplay for herself and I know that her most difficult task was creating the armour. I’d also like to add that I love the fact that the cosplayer even had the height difference between her and Gourry spot on. Not a huge fan of the Gourry but the two cosplayers just embody the anime couple so well that I can’t help but love them both.

Lina Inverse is the short tempered, “flat-chested”, and somewhat intellectually challenged protagonist of the Slayers series. She herself is a very accident-prone but powerful sorceress who spends her time going from village to village stealing money from bandits and running away from her apparently frightening sister Luna. In the series she first meets Gourry Gabriev who saves her from bandits using his Sword of Light. This being a priceless and rare artifact stirs Lina’s greed in which she swears to follow Gourry until he hands it over to her. Through this meeting the two travel together and encounter very different companions along the way and always in the most comical fashion.  The story continues through 3 pivotal arcs in which Lina Inverse’s almost unmatchable powers are realized and used to save the world from Demon Kings, Gods, and other miscellaneous monsters.

Edit: Finally found the cosplayer on Click the link and check out more photos of this cosplay and WindoftheStars other cosplays on her account. Photocred to photographer Sundail-chan as well.


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