Cosplay: FFX-2 – Rikku (Berserker)

April 6, 2010

It seems I’ve been posting a lot of Final Fantasy lately. I  think it’s partially a ploy to keep my site from becoming too ‘asian-centric’ and also because Final Fantasy is done so often that statistically there has to be an abundance of amazing cosplays among the pleuthora of characters out there. This one is definitely no exception. First off I am very happy to feature my second FFX-2 berserker dresssphere form. I just love how unique and difficult this dressphere is to cosplay. This is probably my favourite Final Fantasy cosplay out there so far. And don’t get me wrong you don’t have to be Caucasian to cosplay Rikku, I have a whole bunch of asian Rikku’s on my computer that I love. It’s just she does this so well.  The colour contacts are CRAZY and the fur paws were very well made. I love the fangs, the wig, and all the little details that were meticulously executed. Whoever is responsible for this beautiful cosplay should be praised. Absolutely amazing job well done!

Berserker is a dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2. They don animal skins and fur as clothes, have the Instinct skill set and utilize a number of melee attacks. The dressphere has the absolute worst Magic and Magic Defensestats in the entire game, as well as the lowest Defense stat of all the physical assault dresspheres. However, this is somewhat evened out by it having the best Agility stats in the game, as well as high Strength, Evasion, and HP. Its Passive abilities also help with evening out the lows of the dressphere. As an interesting fact, each girl uses a different fighting style while wearing the Berserker dressphere. Yuna pounces and attacks an enemy like a mountain lion, Rikku uses capoeira (low kicks an enemy) and Paine uses of what seems to be the Panther-style Kung Fu .”

Wikia: Berserker (Final Fantasy X-2)


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