In honour of my first male cosplay (which I just realized) I’m featuring the ever popular VK protagonist Zero Kiryu. I think despite the very meticulous uniform and ribbon detail, VK cosplay has been well, overdone. And that said I actually can’t say too much about the uniform that makes this cosplayer any different from the hundreds of Zero cosplayers out there right now. This cosplayer is missing a couple of key features of the outfit though. The red tie isn’ t there and the seal tatoo on his neck seems to be missing (or covered but unlikely). It would have been nice if they had coloured contacts to complete the look as well but  I think the only thing that really got me in love with this cosplay was the hair. I love love love the silver wig this cosplayer used for Zero. It’s not starkingly white, or silver. It also has darker undertones that almost makes it look natural. I think despite all of the very accurate Zero cosplays out there right now, the wig really determines it for me for this guy. So kudos to the model, costume maker, and yes wig provider and styler for a fantastic job (in my books).

I’ve been reading Vampire Knight for almost 4 years now. I’ve been a pretty big fan of Matsuri Hino’s work since MeruPuri and picked up VK before all the crazy hype for the series began. That said, I am a bit disappointed that all the hype has somewhat burdened the storyline by making things drag on for no reason. The once complex and intricate character Zero Kiryu has become an anomaly to me. In the beginnings of the manga Zero is introduced as the brother of the main protagonist Yuki Cross who like Yuki, was taken in by the kind head principal of the Cross academy, Kaein Cross. Zero, although portrayed as a very rigid and cold person on the outside, is actually a gentle, lonely, and tormented boy on in the inside. Throughout the series he finds himself wrestling with inner demons, love, and a fate that changes everything. At the moment I seriously don’t understand what is going through Zero’s head. I’m having a very difficult time sympathizing with him which I find odd since he was one of the easiest characters to sympathize at the beginning of the series. I hope Hino has some ingenius trick or plot twist up her sleeve for Zero, Yuki, and Kaname in the near future. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


You know when you find something just SO spectacular you have to share? Well I was curbing my Mercy (show about nurses) obsession by doing a little ‘research’ for my blog. I came across the most spectacular cosplay deviant accounts and among them my dream cosplay find. Ever since the preview for the new Final Fantasy came out I’ve been obsessing over its main protagonist Lightning (finally a Final Fantasy where the girls can kick some serious arsenal). I thought it would be near impossible for me to find a cosplay of Lightning that I would like enough to post here, especially not this early on in it’s release. Given Lightning’s unique character design and (let’s be honest) pricey leather costume I figured I’d hold out on the searching for a year until all the pros got a shot at it.

Well I’m not sure if this Rainer Tachibana is a pro but regardless she got Lightning spot on. I won’t gush over the details but I will point out that her eyes are stunning. Whatever colour contact she used better come in purple or brown so I can order myself a batch. Because I’m so ecstatic about this cosplay I’m actually going to post a few of my fave shots of this cosplay. It’s almost like Lightning walked straight out of the game and into real life. I also did a little stalking research (haha in the end I contacted her) and found out that Rainer made the majority of this cosplay herself as well. The jacket and skirt base were made by her tailor (who she informed me she commissions when she’s short on time) and the rest was made herself. Impressive isn’t it? Definitely hit the link though and go to Rainers deviant page to check out more shots of this and all of her other stellar cosplays. Trust me, it won’t be the last time you see her on my site. (credit also to *Omake-Studios@deviant for the photography)

group cosplay is also beyond amazing

“Originally named Éclair Farron, she discarded her birth name after her parents died and chose the name of “Lightning” as a means to escape the vulnerabilities and insecurities of her former self and in order to become a different person — strong enough to care for her young sister Serah. However, this choice only causes things to worsen between them as she grew up to have a rather cold personality that has a tendency to look down upon others including comrades at most times during the start of the adventure… Over the course of the game, Lightning strives to deal with her nature as a l’Cie (people magically marked by a god giving them superhuman strength) while eventually learning her focus to save Cocoon.

Wikipedia: Final Fantasy – Lightning

Gotta love a great Disney Princess cosplay (and I didn’t even have to add a comparison picture) and in what better way than through a VERY well imitated cosplay group photo. I’ll be honest, I don’t know whether the image came first or the cosplay but I figure it’ll be a long standing chicken and egg conundrum that I don’t dare question. I will also add that these costumes are probably a touch more revealing than their Disney counterparts but who really cares? Cheers to the cosplayers!

Edit: Aha! After a little memory backtracking I was able to track down the original artist of the picture and as far back to the original source of the photo that I could find. Bri-chan who you can find on deviant is the artist of the apparently immensly popular Disney Princesses rendition and (the earliest source I could find of) the photo  was provided by Thanks!

When I was in grade 6 before the whole anime craze blew up in North America, I had a half-Japanese friend who used to lend me her anime collection every once in awhile. I became obsessed with Saber Marionettes J, Slayers, and Angelic Layer. So naturally when I started looking up amazing cosplay outfits I gravitated towards my childhood favourites. I was super excited when I stumbled upon this Slayers cosplay. Slayers is definitely my favourite anime out of the three that I used to watch. Although childish and full of fillers, the basis of the plot was borderline genius. I came to love every character in the anime and my favourite anime character of all time (and also favourite voice actor of all time) comes out of Slayers. Moving onto the feature though I must say, this cosplay looks amazing. I especially love the red contacts with the red wig. I also love the belt and shoulder armour. My sister once made a Lina cosplay for herself and I know that her most difficult task was creating the armour. I’d also like to add that I love the fact that the cosplayer even had the height difference between her and Gourry spot on. Not a huge fan of the Gourry but the two cosplayers just embody the anime couple so well that I can’t help but love them both.

Lina Inverse is the short tempered, “flat-chested”, and somewhat intellectually challenged protagonist of the Slayers series. She herself is a very accident-prone but powerful sorceress who spends her time going from village to village stealing money from bandits and running away from her apparently frightening sister Luna. In the series she first meets Gourry Gabriev who saves her from bandits using his Sword of Light. This being a priceless and rare artifact stirs Lina’s greed in which she swears to follow Gourry until he hands it over to her. Through this meeting the two travel together and encounter very different companions along the way and always in the most comical fashion.  The story continues through 3 pivotal arcs in which Lina Inverse’s almost unmatchable powers are realized and used to save the world from Demon Kings, Gods, and other miscellaneous monsters.

Edit: Finally found the cosplayer on Click the link and check out more photos of this cosplay and WindoftheStars other cosplays on her account. Photocred to photographer Sundail-chan as well.

It seems I’ve been posting a lot of Final Fantasy lately. I  think it’s partially a ploy to keep my site from becoming too ‘asian-centric’ and also because Final Fantasy is done so often that statistically there has to be an abundance of amazing cosplays among the pleuthora of characters out there. This one is definitely no exception. First off I am very happy to feature my second FFX-2 berserker dresssphere form. I just love how unique and difficult this dressphere is to cosplay. This is probably my favourite Final Fantasy cosplay out there so far. And don’t get me wrong you don’t have to be Caucasian to cosplay Rikku, I have a whole bunch of asian Rikku’s on my computer that I love. It’s just she does this so well.  The colour contacts are CRAZY and the fur paws were very well made. I love the fangs, the wig, and all the little details that were meticulously executed. Whoever is responsible for this beautiful cosplay should be praised. Absolutely amazing job well done!

Berserker is a dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2. They don animal skins and fur as clothes, have the Instinct skill set and utilize a number of melee attacks. The dressphere has the absolute worst Magic and Magic Defensestats in the entire game, as well as the lowest Defense stat of all the physical assault dresspheres. However, this is somewhat evened out by it having the best Agility stats in the game, as well as high Strength, Evasion, and HP. Its Passive abilities also help with evening out the lows of the dressphere. As an interesting fact, each girl uses a different fighting style while wearing the Berserker dressphere. Yuna pounces and attacks an enemy like a mountain lion, Rikku uses capoeira (low kicks an enemy) and Paine uses of what seems to be the Panther-style Kung Fu .”

Wikia: Berserker (Final Fantasy X-2)