Cosplay: BEAUTY and the BEAST – Belle 2

February 2, 2010

I’ve noticed that a lot of my views have been coming from people wanting to look up Beauty and the Beast costumes. I didn’t think I would be blogging on another cosplay of the same character so soon but this cosplay is very much one that I wanted to share. I love all the intricate details and bead work on the dress that makes this belle costume unique from the rest. It’s not cannon, but it’s stunning nonetheless. The yellow is actually more true to the original dress in the movie than my previous post and the model too looks naturally more similar to Belle. The pose and photo-shoot set really accentuate belle’s ethereal qualities as well. Regardless I think both cosplays are equally stunning and definitely favourites in my collection.  I won’t post another summary of Belle’s character because you can just click the link on the sidebar and read it from the first post (plus I’m sure you are all fully aware of who Belle is).


2 Responses to “Cosplay: BEAUTY and the BEAST – Belle 2”

  1. i love belle dresses i have them all

  2. I love the photo. i would love to know where you got it. or post a photo of the dress in a different scene.

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