I’ve noticed that a lot of my views have been coming from people wanting to look up Beauty and the Beast costumes. I didn’t think I would be blogging on another cosplay of the same character so soon but this cosplay is very much one that I wanted to share. I love all the intricate details and bead work on the dress that makes this belle costume unique from the rest. It’s not cannon, but it’s stunning nonetheless. The yellow is actually more true to the original dress in the movie than my previous post and the model too looks naturally more similar to Belle. The pose and photo-shoot set really accentuate belle’s ethereal qualities as well. Regardless I think both cosplays are equally stunning and definitely favourites in my collection.  I won’t post another summary of Belle’s character because you can just click the link on the sidebar and read it from the first post (plus I’m sure you are all fully aware of who Belle is).


I love when old classic animes are cosplayed (as you can probably tell from my previous features). This one is no exception. I love the playful expression that these two models used to portray the character of the twin leopard sisters from The Vision of Escaflowne. Although in the series it’s revealed that these two lived through a very difficult past, the expression here in a way shows their strength and perseverance. The immense effort put into this cosplay can be seen in the details of the makeup, wigs and contacts as well. There are a couple of things missing like the black tips at the end of the hair tips and the leopard spots on the outer leg but being that this is by far the best cosplay of Naria and Eriya, I’ve decided to let it slide. I don’t want to be too controversial in saying that I also really like how the two models even look as if they are twins (not implying that asians all look the same though). I greatly appreciate the strides made to stay cannon to the series. Excellent work. Definitely one of my favourites!

Vision of Escaflowne was one of those anime gems for me when I was younger.  It was of a seriousness between that of  Pokemon, and the harsh politics of Gundam Wing. I thought it had a very refreshing storyline and a lot of depth to the characters. Naria and Eriya are not exception to this even though they were only secondary antagonists in the series. As alluded to above, Naria and Eriya when still children were bullied almost to suicide after their parents were killed by humans due to the prejudice against their race. The sisters were saved by Folken (before he became evil), and eventually the two fell deeply in love with the young prince.  As a result, they are extremely overprotective of Folken and follow his every command. Interestingly both of them pilot different Guymelefs (sort of like gundams but different) and are extremely skilled in combat. Later on in the series the twins meet a pretty tragic end when they partake in a blood experiment gone wrong and rapidly age until their death in Folken’s arms.