Cosplay: NANA – Reira ‘Layla’ Serizawa

September 21, 2009

nana-reiraI’m still waiting for the newest NANA chapter to come out although it seems that the series is currently on hiatus until further notice. I’ve been curbing my NANA cravings by watching the MVs for the soundtrack openings and credits on youtube. If you haven’t checked out the NANA soundtrack from both the movie and the anime then I suggest you do so. In any case, this is another NANA feature. I noticed that alot of people were visting my site to look up cosplay on this series and I was happy to put up another one. I really love this cosplay. NANA isn’t particularily hard to put the manga outfits together so it’s really the expression and fine details that make certain NANA cosplays stand apart. The person who did this Reira really got the hair spot on. The childlike beauty of Reira is also portrayed perfectly by this stunning model. I really like the not-so-mainstream mangas and anime’s sometimes because people really put that extra effort into cosplaying them. Excellent work to the model and/or cosplay designer!

Reira is the beautiful lead singer of the immensly popular band Trapnest. She is half-American and half-Japanese and writes the lyrics for all of the band’s songs. Although she is naive, stubborn, and overly dependent on others, her qualities are made up for by her pure vocals and angelic beauty. Although Reira’s intent is never to hurt people, she does so through her spoiled and naive requests and pampering received by fellow bandmates. This, coupled with her almost excessive indecisive-ness, leads to a number of problems and misunderstandings throughout the series between her bandmates and the two main characters.



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