nana-reiraI’m still waiting for the newest NANA chapter to come out although it seems that the series is currently on hiatus until further notice. I’ve been curbing my NANA cravings by watching the MVs for the soundtrack openings and credits on youtube. If you haven’t checked out the NANA soundtrack from both the movie and the anime then I suggest you do so. In any case, this is another NANA feature. I noticed that alot of people were visting my site to look up cosplay on this series and I was happy to put up another one. I really love this cosplay. NANA isn’t particularily hard to put the manga outfits together so it’s really the expression and fine details that make certain NANA cosplays stand apart. The person who did this Reira really got the hair spot on. The childlike beauty of Reira is also portrayed perfectly by this stunning model. I really like the not-so-mainstream mangas and anime’s sometimes because people really put that extra effort into cosplaying them. Excellent work to the model and/or cosplay designer!

Reira is the beautiful lead singer of the immensly popular band Trapnest. She is half-American and half-Japanese and writes the lyrics for all of the band’s songs. Although she is naive, stubborn, and overly dependent on others, her qualities are made up for by her pure vocals and angelic beauty. Although Reira’s intent is never to hurt people, she does so through her spoiled and naive requests and pampering received by fellow bandmates. This, coupled with her almost excessive indecisive-ness, leads to a number of problems and misunderstandings throughout the series between her bandmates and the two main characters.



digimon-taichiI love finding cosplays of my favourite classic animes. I remember running home from elementary school just to catch the Pokemon, Digimon, DBZ line-up at 4pm. Of course, this was back in the day when I wasn’t aware that these shows were originally in Japanese. That’s mainly why I added both the Japanese and English names which most people who grew up in North America are more familiar with. In any case this is, by far, the best Tai cosplay I’ve ever seen. The hair just blows me away. I wonder how much hair product she had to use to make it like that. The goggles look very high tech and the shirt looks like it’s of a good quality material. I guess it makes sense considering Tai wears this for the entire first season (like most anime characters… but I’m just saying). Great work!

Taichi Kamiya, or moreso belovedly known as Tai, is the main protagonist of the original Digimon series. He is short tempered, proud, loud, and the natural leader of the “digi-gang”. Tai’s digimon, Agumon, is also arguably the strongest of the rookie digimon forms and the only digimon to skip into his ultimate form, SkullGreymon, further in the series. Fortunately, Agumon is opposite to Tai in many ways and almost acts as a subconscious that keeps Tai in line. Throughout the series Tai struggles with alot of issues towards his leadership position, girls (mainly Sora), his own pride, and also towards his family much later in the series. He shares many parallels with his best friend and rival Matt who, like him, takes on the responsibility of having a “Digidestined” younger sibling. Tai, although annoying at times, becomes a responsible, brave, and amazing leader.



I tend to find that FFX and X2 cosplays are a bit overwhelming. Partially because everyone, and I mean everyone, cosplays Final Fantasy and also partially because it’s one of the top ‘makeshift’ cosplays that people are bound to scew up or half-ass. Therefore I’ll be featuring all of the really unique and different FFX2 cosplays well before I feature the classic outfits of FFX and FFX2. So I hope you enjoy my first FFX(2) feature again proving that indeed you don’t have to be asian to do amazing cosplays. This cosplay is definitely one of my top rated within my collection. The details are insanely accurate from the headpiece, to the fabric print, and to the claws. I don’t know if this was created by the model featured here or by a professional company, but in any case both model and costume are top notch.

berserkerI will be completely honest, I’ve never played any of the Final Fantasy games. I’ve watched over 10 hours of gameplay courtesy of my beloved childhood friend (studying to be a video game character designer) so I know the basic gist of the story. This here is Pain from the FFX2 series in Berserker dress sphere form. Both Yuna and Riku have a version of this very interesting outfit (I have an AMAZING Berserker Riku to feature later on). According to a quick google search, the Berserker feature allows you to have an increased attack power but takes away your control of the character. An interesting trade-off that I’m not sure is entirely worth the trouble. I’d probably just get the dress sphere for looks and not so much use.

ff12-ashe0Kudos to the model and/or cosplay designer for this absolutely stunning Ashe cosplay. I actually have multiple Ashe cosplays saved onto my computer but so far this one is the most accurate in terms of costume and pose (I may or may not feature my other Ashe cosplays because they are also almost equally as stunning). Although I’ve never had the chance to play FF12, I’ve heard very good things about it. The storyline is extremely touching and the CGI is breathtaking. The main character (which is a young orphan boy) is supposidly extremely annoying but aside from him, the storyline as a whole is quite enjoyable.


This here is Ashelia B’nargin Dalmasca (aka Ashe) who is a 19-year-old princess and sole heir to the throne of Dalmasca before it’s take-over following the death of her husband Raslar in the battle against the Archadian empire. It’s approximately 2 years after Raslar’s death that you meet Ashe in gameplay under the alias Amalia and serving as leader of the Resistance.  The love story between Ashe and Raslar is definitely a favourite in my book (almost on par with the FF7 plot). If you get the chance look up the trailers for FF12 which basically show the cinematic intro to the game which includes the bulk of Ashe’s story.

P.S// Looking back into my saved files I believe that I’ll be featuring 2 (or 3) Ashe’s with the same outfit as seen here, and one cosplay of her wedding with Aslar in the near future. Stay tuned!