Cosplay: BEAUTY and the BEAST – Belle

April 9, 2009

beautynbeast-belleThis has got to be one of my favourite cosplays to date. Not only is she portraying the beloved Belle from one of Disney’s greatest creations Beauty and the Beast, but she portrays it almost to the T. The hair, body movements and of course costume is flawless. If you go to her page (which I left the credit at the bottom of the image for) you can see all of her other amazing cosplays which I will be sure to feature later on. This one is my favourite among her collection though, and by far the very best Disney cosplay I’ve encountered. I was so excited about this cosplay when I first saw it that I showed my housemate who worked at Disney World over the summer and she was stunned. Even the costumes at Disney World were no match for this creation. I could gush about this cosplay forever but I’ll stop here and for all of you who live under a rock, here is the little blurb about Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Belle is one of the first of the Disney princesses (in my opinion) to basically have a personality. She’s stubborn, outspoken, and compassionate about those she cares about. One of her defining characteristics is her love of books and knowledge which was very uncommon and nonconformist for the olden-day French village she lived in. This is quite evident by Gaston’s quote “It’s not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting ideas and…thinking…”. Despite this, Belle (true to her name as the village beauty) continues with her life full of adventures and imaginations. One day however, her father gets lost going to an inventor’s fair and ends up being held prisoner in the Beast’s castle. After this happens Belle goes out searching for him and ends up stumbling into the forbidden west wing of the castle where, after countless events, she ends up meeting the beast and falling in love.

This ball gown is the one that is featured during the climax of the movie with the timeless “Tale as old as time” song. It is also one of the main reasons why Beauty and the Beast is the first animated film to ever be nominated for best picture in the Academy Awards.



3 Responses to “Cosplay: BEAUTY and the BEAST – Belle”

  1. amanda Says:

    i also think she looks beautiful. and i was wondering where she got her costume?

  2. amanda Says:

    and i was wondering when the latest cosplay took place?

  3. soyoungim Says:

    She made her costume actually. Pretty impressive isn’t it?

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