Cosplay: NANA – Nana Osaki

April 7, 2009

nana-nanaIn celebration of the release of the 82nd chapter of Nana comes this cosplay picture by an unknown source (please contact me if you want to be credited). The best Nana cosplay I’ve seen and one of the first cosplay images I picked up. Excellent expression and I love the hair and make-up.

Nana Osaki is definitely one of my favourite characters to date. She’s stubborn, confident, and hella talented but also very considerate and love-able at the same time. Throughout the series you see her battle with some pretty harsh stuff. From love, betrayal, and sorrow you really get an idea of not only her strengths, but her weaknesses as well.

If you haven’t picked up or heard of Ai Yazawa’s NANA series, then I highly recommend it. Definitely one of my favourite page-turner, tear-jerkers of all time. It’s basically the story about two girls named Nana. Despite sharing the same name, both girls live very different lives. One Nana travels to Tokyo to reunite with her boyfriend and highschool friends without any real desire to better her life. Nana Osaki on the other hand, travels to Tokyo in hopes of making it big with her band, Black Stones. Through a turn of events both end up on the same train and incidently renting the same apartment. From here the story then proceeds to follow the lives of these two very different girls and how they encorporate their own morals, beliefs, and love into the lives of each other.




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