A cosplay blog is never complete without a Sailor Moon cosplay and what better than an amazing group cosplay. And I’ll be honest. Group cosplay is probably one of the most difficult things to do well. But these three girls pulled it off flawlessly. Not only are the costumes amazingly detailed but the hair, poses and well look in general (because everybody knows SailorMoon is infamous for the not-so-attractive-cosplayers) are spot on. Even their accessories (which aren’t featured in this picture) were beautifully crafted. I wish I had more room to gush about their cosplay but I’ll leave it at this.

Unless you’ve never seen the light of day, you’ve probably heard about Sailor Moon. Basically it’s about a group of girls who receive powers of the planets to defend the earth from the evils trying to take over. The “Outer” sailor scouts (in quotations because Jupiter is oddly an “inner” scout) don’t show up until the Sailor Moon S series. Sailor Neptune (on the right) is a quiet and timid girl who is known for her urethral beauty. Sailor Uranus (on the left) is the tomboy and is the lover of Sailor Neptune (yes there are lesbian connotations here). In the English series however, Neptune and Uranus are portrayed as very close “cousins” to get around the whole young audience issue. Sailor Pluto on the other hand is the gatekeeper of time. She is very graceful and “old-souled”. Although the three are basically a part of the sailor scout gang, they portray very different powers and also often tag along as “outsiders”.


note: The cosplayers are actually the previous Sailor uniforms before the above pictured uniforms were implimented for all the scouts (minus the gold lining). Pluto didn’t have sleeves, the ribons were short, and neptune and uranus didn’t have the semi-transparent sleeves either. Just for consistency sake.

Edit: Thanks to Columbia the webmaster of Cosplay Holic for informing me that these are the uniforms from the musical of Sailor Moon. I confirmed with the original source to make sure it wasn’t the cast of the musical. These are indeed cosplayers who did a top notch job. Thanks again!


zelda-zelda2More proof that you don’t have to be asian to do incredible cosplay. This Zelda cosplay was by the beautiful Lillyxandra. Although there’s some detailing missing from the bodice it’s still the best Zelda I’ve seen. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent watching my friend play this game during my childhood. I once sat through a straight 8 hours of game play when he was attempting to save princess Zelda for the 10 thousandth time. Although seemingly weak in the N64 Zelda series, she’s definitely no damsel in distress. She goes under the guise of Sheik in order to help Link on his quest to defeat Ganondorf with the Ocarina of time.

Plus being one of the strongest (if not arguably the strongest) character in the Brawl Super Smash Bros game she is also elegantly beautiful. I’ll be honest, I did find a very VERY close second to this cosplay which yes, does have the detailing and gets the headpiece and hair a little more accurate than this one did, but just the way this cosplayer portrayed Zelda made me believe she was actually meant to play the part. Anyway that’s enough blabbering about Zelda for one day.


beautynbeast-belleThis has got to be one of my favourite cosplays to date. Not only is she portraying the beloved Belle from one of Disney’s greatest creations Beauty and the Beast, but she portrays it almost to the T. The hair, body movements and of course costume is flawless. If you go to her page (which I left the credit at the bottom of the image for) you can see all of her other amazing cosplays which I will be sure to feature later on. This one is my favourite among her collection though, and by far the very best Disney cosplay I’ve encountered. I was so excited about this cosplay when I first saw it that I showed my housemate who worked at Disney World over the summer and she was stunned. Even the costumes at Disney World were no match for this creation. I could gush about this cosplay forever but I’ll stop here and for all of you who live under a rock, here is the little blurb about Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Belle is one of the first of the Disney princesses (in my opinion) to basically have a personality. She’s stubborn, outspoken, and compassionate about those she cares about. One of her defining characteristics is her love of books and knowledge which was very uncommon and nonconformist for the olden-day French village she lived in. This is quite evident by Gaston’s quote “It’s not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting ideas and…thinking…”. Despite this, Belle (true to her name as the village beauty) continues with her life full of adventures and imaginations. One day however, her father gets lost going to an inventor’s fair and ends up being held prisoner in the Beast’s castle. After this happens Belle goes out searching for him and ends up stumbling into the forbidden west wing of the castle where, after countless events, she ends up meeting the beast and falling in love.

This ball gown is the one that is featured during the climax of the movie with the timeless “Tale as old as time” song. It is also one of the main reasons why Beauty and the Beast is the first animated film to ever be nominated for best picture in the Academy Awards.


nana-nanaIn celebration of the release of the 82nd chapter of Nana comes this cosplay picture by an unknown source (please contact me if you want to be credited). The best Nana cosplay I’ve seen and one of the first cosplay images I picked up. Excellent expression and I love the hair and make-up.

Nana Osaki is definitely one of my favourite characters to date. She’s stubborn, confident, and hella talented but also very considerate and love-able at the same time. Throughout the series you see her battle with some pretty harsh stuff. From love, betrayal, and sorrow you really get an idea of not only her strengths, but her weaknesses as well.

If you haven’t picked up or heard of Ai Yazawa’s NANA series, then I highly recommend it. Definitely one of my favourite page-turner, tear-jerkers of all time. It’s basically the story about two girls named Nana. Despite sharing the same name, both girls live very different lives. One Nana travels to Tokyo to reunite with her boyfriend and highschool friends without any real desire to better her life. Nana Osaki on the other hand, travels to Tokyo in hopes of making it big with her band, Black Stones. Through a turn of events both end up on the same train and incidently renting the same apartment. From here the story then proceeds to follow the lives of these two very different girls and how they encorporate their own morals, beliefs, and love into the lives of each other.



The First Post

April 7, 2009

Lo and behold my first word press account. I must say in comparison with other numerous blogging sites I’ve encountered, this one thus far has got to be one of the most sophisticated. It’s here however, that I’m not posting about my life or about my daily haps. Rather this is my little guilty pleasure blog, so to speak, where you’ll see the inner obsessions of a not so typical university student. So sit back, relax and have a cup of tea. You’re in for a fun ride.


I guess first, a little introduction. My Korean name is So Young and my English name is Patricia Ruth. I’m born in Canada and I don’t speak a word of my native language. Although the case, I’ve grown quite fond of the traditions, music, and culture surrounding my Korean heritage over the past few years. I love watching Korean dramas, listening to the latest in popular music, and of course the food. My favourite Korean dish is definitely my mother’s Jja jang myun but I love cold noodles with vegetables (Neng Myun) on a warm summer’s day. True to my heritage, I take pride in a lot of things. I take offense when people attack my roots. I love watching Yuna Kim skate, I love listening to Epik High, and I love watching Korean variety shows like Xmen (although now cancelled) and we got married.


On top of my love for the Korean culture comes my love for the Japanese culture. I was introduced to anime and the world of Japanese manga when I was in grade 7. Since then I’ve read more mangas than I can count and have watched more hours of anime than my life’s worth of studying combined. Although this love of the art has waned over the years I’ve found a new love in cosplay.


Most of all this blog was built to commend what I believe are the greatest cosplays of each series I’ve gathered. There are some (but very few) repeats among my list and usually I’ll only put up my idea of the “best” ones. Of course, I don’t own any of these costumes, characters, or images personally and I’ll admit that since I’ve been gathering these images on my hardrive for the past 3 years I haven’t really gotten around to finding all their sources. So if you find one and you want to be credited for it, by all means contact me and I’ll put it up ASAP.

In any case, enough for the jabbering. And onto the show!